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Whatever the weather

A question for you all, who knew what to wear today? Here in Shropshire we had sunshine, high temperatures and rain.  I was just about to step out this morning in my trousers, sleeveless top with cardigan and then it started to rain, so I headed back in for a raincoat.  Typical of our weather, it stopped as soon as I got out of the car.  Armed with my layers I was able to then carry on with my day.
Some of you may have seen my Facebook post this morning.  Yesterday I was asked to do an interview with Radio Shropshire on the changing seasons but unfortunately it was cancelled. This morning I heard the presenter interviewing on the high street.  He was asking people their thoughts on dressing for the current climate, and most of them were saying, layering. So I thought I would just write a small piece for you.
Transitional dressing  Firstly, is it Summer or is it Autumn? Well, officially I think we are in Autumn but the sunshine tells us a different story and that is why it is hard to know what to wear.  My answer is layers, as I mentioned before a sleeveless top with a cardigan allows me to dress accordingly.  It is unlikely you have started putting away your summer wardrobe just yet.  Fabrics are still light enough for you to feel comfortable in, but it may be time to put away the sandals. As alternatives wear ballet pumps or trainers.   Jackets and blazers are an investment which will see you through many seasons and occasions, and especially if they are in one of your neutral colours?? When we start to transition into the seasons the weight and textures of clothing will change.  We can still layer, and I don’t know about you but with the heating on most of the time, both in the shops and at homes the heavy clothing isn’t really needed unless you’re outside.   It is probably going to Snow tomorrow.

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