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What happens in a Personal Styling Consultation

A Personal Style Consultation

I wanted to do this post about a Personal Style Consultation, what it  involves and what happens.  Many women will start the process of seeking a personal stylist to have their colours analysed but don’t always feel perhaps the styling is as important or for most women the following happens: ‘oh, I’ll wait until I have lost some weight first”

Does this sound like you?

Do you shy away from following through because you feel embarrassed?  as most women will tell you they don’t feel confident when talking about their body size and shape.

I want to reassure you if these are your thoughts that styling is NOT about BODY SIZE:-
·      it is about personality
·      we want to find out who you are and what you are comfortable wearing
·      I want to help you find clothes which suit your body shape- whether straight or curvy
·      it is about finding the right fabrics for your shape
·      finding shops which suit your personality and discovering where those shops are to make it easy and fun
·      it is about making you feel confident as you and being the best version of you
·      it is about highlighting the parts of our bodies we love and we all have parts we like to show off, and discovering tips to disguise or camouflage the bits we don’t want to

Have you noticed I have not said once IT IS ABOUT YOUR BODY SIZE!

  • The first part is discovering your Style Personality, this is the number one question we ask ourselves when shopping.  Here we look at how we dress for work, in our social lives, do we like make-up or don’t we? Do you like to create amazing outfits from your travels, or from vintage shops, do you like to buy all the fashion trends or are you an investment buyer?
  • Yes, I look at body shapes but only to analyse how best to dress the body shape you have.  Did you know most of us can be a mixture of two so it is important to know how to dress those individual parts like our arms, our busts, our waists, our tummies etc.

I would love you to re-think how we can be the best version of ourselves by dressing to suit the unique and beautiful you.

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