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Tips for staying at home

The world has changed such a lot in the last few weeks for all of us now.  They are very sad times. People are be asked to work from home, schools have now closed alongside pubs, clubs, gyms and today I have seen some of our high street shops temporarily closing. These are all measures I agree with to help keep safe our families, friends and communities.  I took the decision last week to postpone my consultations and group events, my consultations are very hands on and with growing concern over health and safety it was a prudent decision to make.   I know some of you are in the healthcare services, and teaching professions and I personally want to say thank you to you all for everything you are doing and putting yourselves on the frontlines for us.

This email is sent with best wishes to you all.

Yes, I know choosing what clothes we are going to put on each day has no comparison to the thoughts about the current situation we are in, and although we do everything to protect ourselves and our loved ones this can have an effect on our mental health as well.  There is more and more knowledge about our mental well-being and this is my intention for the newsletter.  Whilst we go about our daily life I just wanted to add some thoughts for you.

Colour, colour, colour as mentioned in previous blogs it really can affect our mood.  Now is a really good time to be injecting some in to our daily wardrobe.  This may be the top you are wearing, a colourful pair of trousers, an accessory or even a bit of lipstick or lip gloss.  Personally, each day this week I have spent a bit more time thinking about my clothes and using colour to lift my spirits.

Health, get dressed and out of your pyjamas, I believe this is important for our mental health wellbeing, I think staying in them all day gives us a different mindset. We all love to have pyjama days, where we are relaxed and low key but our days are going to be different for some time. I was doing some research, and discovered that there is a name for this called ‘pyjama paralysis’ a nurse in a hospital was working on the health of patients, and by urging patients to avoid wearing pyjamas during the day this enabled them  to be in a different mindset and was part of a program designed to get them better soon.

Style, comfort is going to be key while you go about your daily routines, find something with a bit of stretch, this is probably going to be jersey if you are wearing a simple dress or if wearing trousers something with lycra in it like your jeggings, jeans can be heavy and stiffer.  We are all probably going to be sitting around a bit more.

Mood lifters, shower gels with perfumes, essential oils, spray your favourite perfume, a bit of lipstick or lipgloss, why not do a wardrobe edit and start wearing these items which you are keeping for best or going out. Definitely add some mindfulness into your day.

Working from home,  you may now have to work from home, or it may be that because your children are now off school this has forced you to be at home.  Similar to the ‘pyjama paralysis” mentioned above getting dressed in different clothes changes our mindset, think about how it makes you feel, and again your mindset when you get ready for work.  Working remotely may be familiar for some of you via zoom, but if you are on video calls I have some guidelines from our head office on looking your best in front of the camera:
1) Forget neutrals such as beige and stone. This is not a time to be shy! Insipid shades don’t fair well in front of the camera. Instead opt for a bold shade from your palette. Navy is better than black.
2) Busy patterns can be distracting, and stripes are a big no-no as they tend to strobe. Block colours are better.
3) If you can, sit in front of a plain background (neutral colours are your friend in this instance 👍)
4) Accessories can be annoying particularly layered bangles that tend to jangle around. Keep them to a minimum. Dangly earrings can be distracting so opt for smaller studs. And consider wearing just the one necklace.
5) Check your buttons and neckline before going live to avoid an embarrassing faux pas.
6) Make-up can look different online so it’s a good idea to view yourself through your computer beforehand. Shimmery eye-shadows and highlighters can look just that, shimmery. Opt for matt finishes instead.
7) As tempting as it is to wear loungewear all day, (see more on this above) it may be a good idea to wear something smarter although it’s unlikely you’ll be expected to wear full business dress

Stay in, in, in is a slogan I see quite a lot now.  Why not dress up if you are having a lovely meal with your family or partners, treat it as if you were going out.

If there is anything I can help with during this time please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With my best wishes to you all for your wellbeing and safety.

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