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I would like to feed back how pleased I was with my makeup lesson.
I wanted a natural look but to make a difference. You taught me a new way to apply makeup so I left with something new but so subtle. Never found this before usually people can’t get the subtle look I want.
I will recommend you and get back to buy more makeup.
Many thanks

Michelle, Shrewsbury - April 2017

Sandra provides a professional service in an efficient and careful manner. I had a fun and relaxing time as we explored what colours suited me and what colours were just wrong. I feel more confident now when shopping and I am not afraid to wear a distinctive colour because I know that it looks great on me. I have adjusted my makeup to more flattering shades. I think I am going to save money by not wasting it on clothes that do not suit me. I have no hesitation in recommending

Joan - March 2017

My Colour Experience with Sandra was fascinating and very informative. I was amazed at just how much difference choosing the right shade or tone of a colour could make to my overall look. Having the opportunity to spend time being gently guided to discover which shades work best on me, has given me much more confidence when looking at clothes. I have NOT bought a couple of things that caught my eye, as I realised they wouldn’t do!

Joanna - February 2017

I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning with Sandra as she showed me which colours I should wear to look my best.
It was interesting that my favourite clothes were the right colours but I also had some which have since found their way into charity sacks! Shopping is much easier now as I can ignore whole colour sections, rather than wasting time looking at things which don’t suit me.

Thank you Sandra

Virginia, Shrewsbury - December 2016

I saw Sandra in her beautiful home studio in Shrewsbury. From the minute I arrived I was made very welcome and my anticipation soon disappeared! The consultation gave me the confidence to go home and go through my wardrobe using my personalised colours wallet. I recognised which clothes weren’t doing anything for me and they were swiftly donated to charity. I now have the confidence when shopping to know what suits me and I’m sure in the long run this will save me £100’s of pounds! Thanks Sandra

Charlene, Shrewsbury - November 2016

A very enjoyable Colour Consultation. There were a wide range of colours that I never knew suited me until I had a colour Consultation with Sandra. Thank you

Vanessa, Shrewsbury - November 2016