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Have just had a Make Up Consultation with Sandra, What a Brilliant morning. Feeling Good, Looking Good and have come away with lots of techniques and a Wonderful Colour Compact.

Thanking you Sandra for your Time, Advise and Company.

Susan - September 2018

I decided to book a colour analysis with Sandra as I recently lost quite a lot of weight. I also run a business. it is really important that I give the right impression when dealing with people and it seemed a good idea to find out what my colours are. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, interesting when Sandra explains about the colours and how they work with skin tone and hair colour. As I said I have lost quite a lot of weight and I now feel so much better about myself and what better way to celebrate than to be able to buy lots of clothes in all the right colours. Thank you Sandra for making it all so much easier for me to get the colours right.

Sally - July 2018

Thank you for today. The consultation was informative, constructive and conducted in a friendly, professional manner such that it awakened my enthusiasm for making the best of my wardrobe and make-up bag! My husband is awaiting the transformation!

Glynis - March 2018

To celebrate a friends birthday three of us spent a wonderful morning with Sandra at a Colour Workshop party. We had a marvellous time, discovering our colour palettes. It was amazing to see how colours effect our skin tones. We then sampled the range of make up to accompany our individuals tones. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning. We were truly pampered.
Our thanks.

Gill - March 2018

Sandra knows how to use colour to make you feel good
Confident in her abilities to advise clients, she is approachable and friendly. Confident and friendly.

Julie - December 2017

I did enjoy myself at the workshop and found it very interesting, it will certainly make me more aware when shopping! I was very surprised at the difference a few shades can make to one’s skin tone, in both clothes and makeup. I think that I now feel much more confident using eye shadows and liners than I have before – although I shall have to think twice about changing my hair colour!

Clare - November 2017