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Stylish Choices

I hope that you are all having a lovely summer. The evenings are definitely  drawing in and it is feeling very autumnal at the moment.  Speaking of Autumn/Winter our conference is in a few weeks.  It is always an exciting time to see which colours from your palettes are going to be visible in the shops.  We will also see a showcase of the styles and trends, and how these are going to play a part in the 6 style personalities. If you would like to attend a Seasonal Update workshop please get in touch.  I will be arranging these in October/November.

Creating a stylish outfit that’s perfect for you. 

Did you even think about this when you go shopping or putting on your clothes each day?

I want you to look in your wardrobe now, which one’s spark Joy (Marie Kondo). What was it that influenced you, and what makes you feel good?

How much time you actually take when choosing an article of clothing or an outfit?

Do you ever just go to try on clothes, and get a feel for what you like or suits you with out purchasing? This can be a good exercise, just leave the credit card at home!!

When shopping for new clothes, have in mind your personal criteria, and perhaps even write them down. If necessary take it home and go through the process again.

Before I buy anything I rate my clothes and use my personal criteria on a score of 1-10 and the aim is to be 8 or more.

What is your personal criteria? and how to recognise it, is it: –

  1. Colour –  has such a strong impact and can transform how we look and feel about ourselves, and how others perceive us. Having the right colours in your wardrobe make creating outfits easier.
  2. Clothes that flatter your body shape – understanding the elements of your body shape including proportions, and scale will help you dress your shape, and will form your personal guidelines.
  3. Personality – this is an expression of who you are, do you like your clothes to tell a story, do they need to be comfortable (style can still be comfortable).

Each one is unique to us, but this can be different on a daily basis, for example it may sometimes the weather or just our mood.

Workshops/Parties for Groups 
You can choose whether you want your party to focus on colour, style, or make-up – it is entirely centred on your group. The atmosphere at colour me beautiful parties is fun, social and interactive, so everyone gets involved.  Parties are perfect for hen-nights, birthdays, baby showers, a treat for busy mums, or simply as an excuse to get your group of friends together!
Dates for your diaries:-
Scarf tying workshop – Monday 28th October 7.15pm 3-6 people £15.00 per person
Style Personality workshop – Tuesday 29th October 7.15pm 3-6 people £15.00 per person
Colour workshop – Saturday 9th November 10-1pm 2-4 people £35.00 per person
Style workshop – Saturday 16th November 10-1pm 2-4 people £35.00 per person
Open House event – Wednesday 27th November 11-6pm (more details to come)
I will be starting a waiting list for these events so please do get in touch to book your place.

Enjoy the rest of summer and I will be back in September with news from our conference.

Best wishes

Sandra x

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