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Sorting your Smalls

Time on your hands today?

How a bit of tidying CMB style and if you use Konmari method you are on a win win.

“Put aside 20 minutes to dig into your underwear drawer today (upbeat music always helps with these mundane tasks).

* Throw away old and worn items (bras in good condition can be donated to charity
though). Take the time to tighten your bra straps by an inch or so as they ‘give’ with time. It’s amazing how a well fitted bra can give you a much better posture and shave inches off of your figure!

* Sort your undies: black, white, nude and colours. It makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. You can buy excellent drawer dividers from Ikea (but
don’t order now if they are non-essentials). Stack your bras with stiff cups, one behind the other. Soft cups can be folded easily.

* Now move on to hosiery and socks. Throw away any that are snagged or have holes. Sort these into colours similar to your undies.

* Pop a tumble dryer sheet in each drawer to keep everything smelling fresh.

* Stand back and admire your handiwork. 💜”

Please let me know how you get on

Sandra X

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