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How to shop in post – lockdown

Would you like some tips on how to shop post-lockdown? then read on.

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I love more than a leisurely browse around the shops with friends, stopping off for a bit of lunch or a coffee. This was part of normal life, but now we are facing the “new normal”, not a title I particularly like. Some of you may have already been doing a bit of on line shopping,( I know I have, mainly new basics, for the shut down life we were used to)  as this is how it has been for a while now, but may be thinking of stepping out to the shops. While I like the idea of shopping other than my weekly food shop, I am unsure how stressful or even pleasurable it is going to be.  I will let you know how that goes.

So, as we prepare for some of our high street doors to open their doors from June 15th, there are going to be some obvious restrictions, put in place by the retailers to protect both their staff, and us the consumer.

So how is this going to look for us now? For a lot of people venturing out will feel strange, and you may feel a bit anxious.  It certainly isn’t going to be the same experience we were used to,

What is this likely to look like for the general public? instead, we will be faced with the prospect of:-

  • queuing as shops limit the number of customers at any one time,
  • one-way systems, sanitiser stations,
  • the loss of changing rooms and of course maintaining a strict 2m distance.
  • And then there is the question of returns; queues are likely to be much longer than we’ve ever experienced, which all makes for a very painful experience.

Will this encourage people to buy less, but better quality items. Sustainability could be a positive by-product of the pandemic. That said, we are likely to see huge sales as retailers try to offload their disastrous spring/summer season. And so, you have a choice; do you adopt the smash and grab approach in your local budget store: a pair of shorts for a fiver, a swimsuit reduced by 80% and those faux-leather sandals that you’ll ‘bed in’ on a buy one pair, get one free offer. Or do you use this opportunity to perhaps invest in better quality items that will last for years to come? I will always recommend the latter approach.

Your purchases should always be an investment.  Use this opportunity to look at retailers that have always been slightly out of your reach, because the discounts on offer may well mean that you can afford to treat yourself now.

Check that the intended purchase will go with at least three other things in your wardrobe. If you have to buy ‘around’ the item to make an outfit, chances are it isn’t a bargain

With this in mind, how are we going to shop without trying on. Before I buy anything I rate my clothes and use my personal criteria on a score of 1-10 and the aim is to be an 8 or more.

So onto our criteria, and what to consider: –

1.  Personality – this is an expression of who you are, do you like your clothes to tell a story, do they need to be comfortable (style can still be comfortable)

2.  Colour – this has such a strong impact and can transform how we look and feel about ourselves, and how others perceive us. Having the right colours in your wardrobe also make creating outfits easier.   Check in the mirror that it looks good on you. Hold the garment under your chin and have a look at what it does to your face. Your complexion should look clear and vibrant.

3.  Style – understanding the elements of your body shape including proportions, and scale will help you dress your shape, and will form your personal guidelines Take note of the style of clothes already in your wardrobe that you love and feel good in.  Make a note or take photos on your mobile phone to remind you to shop for similar styles. They’re bound to be your winners.

4. Make-up – The last aspect of this is make-up, for the foreseeable future you will not be able to test make-up at the cosmetics counter or indeed experience a makeover.  As your personal consultant I can help you to select the best shades of make-up to complement your look.  Please get in touch for further details, and I can help you with this via a zoom call.

So, my suggestion is you do a little bit of homework before you set off. 

And if you really don’t know where to begin, please give me a no obligation call on 07596324363

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