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Handbag Declutter

Stay At Home Tip (time: 1 hour) 

Use your time at home to go through your bags. 

* Do you have seasonal bags? Do you swap dependent on what you are wearing?

*Empty them out (you’re bound to find that long lost lipstick) vacuum the insides, wipe the surfaces, check for repairs. 

* Stuff your bags with tissue paper to keep the shape (plastic air pillows that you find in parcels are excellent – so don’t throw them). Some of them come now with their own dust bags. Don’t hang on to the ones that you don’t use.

* Make sure you can see your bags. If they’re tucked away, you’ll never use them. Although most of mine are visible, I will put away definite winter colours in exchange for my lighter colours. 
* I have an insert which I purchased from a craft fayre. I simply put most of my bits and pieces in, and swap with which ever bag I am using, great, if like me, your are continuslly swapping bags.

Anyone who knows me will know I love my bags, mostly gifted by my wonderful Husband, but definitely under my expert guidance of course, and with my colour swatches.  
Sandra x

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