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Sorry but for teachers, teaching assistants and term time employees there are only 39 days to School starts!! Before I trained an image consultant I worked as a Teaching Assistant in a school, and I created my own kind of uniform.  I always felt smart, approachable and professional. For me this was mainly skirts, camisoles, cardigans or simple dresses.  As I was already part of the colour analysis world this was quite a simple task,  I would opt for a couple of skirts, a patterned one, usually checks because that is what suited my body shape, a plain neutral and a few alternative colours in cardigans which would also co-ordinate with my dresses.

This formula works for everyone who is looking for ease of dressing, you always look different but only need a few basics to get you started. This is what I cover in my colour and style consultations.

Would you love to open your wardrobe and put together your outfit for the day in minutes? I can help by showing you colours which when combined will give you an easy to wear FORMULA. Sound good then why not book either a one to one or get a group of colleagues together and organise a workshop? One less thing to think of in the morning and makes dressing as easy as A B C.  If you know of any friends or family members who you think this would be beneficial to, why not ask them to give me a call.

I see women from different walks of life in my studio, each have their own agenda for coming to see me.  This time of year or early Autumn I see women who have retired and find that their work uniform has changed from a more formal attire to being relaxed and casual this can often get people stuck in the transformation when changing over.  Their style personality, colouring and style may be the same but the balance needs to be altered and their original work clothing doesn’t quite fit in with being more casual. Please get in touch to have a chat and let me help show you how with a few tweaks and additional pieces you could start to build a different formula.

Since we are talking wardrobes, in September I will be attending the Colour me Beautiful Autumn/Winter conference.  This is an exciting time of the year as we discover the colours and styles of the season.  If you would be interested in joining a style update workshop in October please let me know.  More details to follow.

Workshops on offer for Autumn include:-scarf tying, style personality, colour, style, and make-up.  If anyone is interested please get in touch as I will be starting a waiting list.

Best wishes


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