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Prom Ally

This is not my usual post but the other day I heard about a lady called Ally, on Radio Shropshire.  After hearing her story and getting in contact with her I wanted to help in any way I can.  Ally set up Prom Ally based in North Wales, to help girls and now the boys with prom dresses and suits for those who struggle with the high costs of proms.  I haven taken a piece from her website.

“Prom Ally offers the free loan of prom dresses and suits to school children, sixth form students and college students who otherwise couldn’t afford one. All outfits are used and either purchased from charity shops or donated directly (many only worn once!). They are checked and freshly laundered before each loan. The loan of an outfit is free of charge however £10.00 is requested to cover the cost of delivery and return postage and packaging.

Prom Ally is linked with schools, social services, food banks and charities around the UK and runs mostly on a referral basis.

It was set up back in 2015 by Ally Elouise, a law graduate who used her 21st birthday money to kickstart it.

Prom Ally has helped hundreds of girls since it began and has recently opened up to boys too offering suits in addition to the dresses! “

“I decided to set up this charity after watching a TV programme with my Dad about families struggling financially. There was a young girl on the programme who couldn’t afford a prom dress which really upset me. Due to Prom becoming a huge sensation in America… it is (whether we like it or not) becoming bigger and bigger each year in the UK too! With this growth, the price of dresses is also increasing drastically! I have created Prom Ally in the hope of helping young girls and boys have the perfect prom night no matter what!

I started out with 15 dresses bought from charity shops and have now had over 1500 donated to my charity! I’ve also recently began accepting suits, jackets, blazers, shirts and trousers too!”

Sandra x

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